Making the Lists and Checking them Twice!

Hi Everyone!

It is hard to believe that after 4 years in the works, we are so close to leaving for England!

As of lately the grind is a mashup of the following:

1. Long distance open water swims

2. Yoga

3. Meditation

4. Injury Prevention

5. Eating

6. Checking and rechecking my supplies, mixes, contracts etc.

I also got my second BodPod testing done at Merrimack College with Dr. Corcoran. (If you look closely at the egg you can see me chilling inside)! Although we were unable to get instant results, the ones that appeared before the computer stalled indicated as expected, that muscle mass is up, and total body mass is down. I am comparing them to results that I had taken prior to the start of channel training. This kind of research gives great insight into the physiological changes that occur over such intense periods of training stress.



6 thoughts on “Making the Lists and Checking them Twice!

    • Hopefully none, but that would be too idealistic. My drink mix is specifically formulated to my body mass and body fat percentages, and is about 230 calories a serving. Hopefully this prevents excess weight loss and muscle breakdown.

  1. judi says:

    Paige i am so excited for you. I have already put e name of the captain and the boat on my computer and did a trial run to follow live. I am. Bt computer slow as this is also my 4TH time trying to leave this message. LOL. I will be sending WARM prayers and hugs to you throughout your amazing journey !,

  2. Kate Pitman says:

    We love reading your blog, Paige!! GOOD LUCK in this wonderful endeavor!! We are so excited for you! Will kiss seeing you tomorrow but can’t wait to give you a big hug when you are back. So exciting!!!

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