Waiting on Mother Nature….

Hi Everyone! 

Thank you so much for your patience and unwavering support!!! 

The English Channel is very fickle in terms of conditions (as we all have seen/heard with all the false starts)…just the nature of the beast! My mental flexibility and ability to roll with it has served me well over this past week of waiting! 

As of right now we are hoping for a window this weekend. Sunday is supposed to look very good, however I could get a call from Capt. Oram  at anytime saying “get ready you start in 12 hours.” 

Once I find out I will announce it via blog, Facebook and Twitter! You will hear it from me! 

Again, thank you so much! This swim is 1 part Paige, 3 parts support from family, friends, coaches, and mentors! 



15 thoughts on “Waiting on Mother Nature….

  1. Sam R says:

    Wow, hang in there! Waiting is very hard. Also, I guess you can’t train much now because you have to be ready at anytime. Crossing my fingers for good weather.

  2. Aunt Laura says:

    Keep up the faith Paige! Things happen for a reason, and it’s usually a good one! We will vigilantly keep waiting and praying for a safe swim! Love to you all! ❤ xoxo

  3. Judi says:

    paige you just entered French waters ! All of us at the office are folowing you and sending prayers and are so excited and anxious !! lots of warm hugs your way right now !!!!

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