The Smith Legacy

The Smith College Athletic Facilities got cosmetic updates!

One of the updates is a historical timeline of Smith women accomplishing some massive athletic feats. Some of these accomplishments include: Senda Berenson Abbott of Smith’s athletics department introducing basketball for women (and Smith students being the first college women to play the game) in 1892, Victoria Murden ’85 becoming the first woman to cross-country ski to the South Pole in 1989, and  Smith Basketball winning their first ever ECAC title in 2012.

Since the English Channel swim (with a 1 in 10 success rate) has had quite a remarkable (and quite frankly, unheard of) 100% success rate under the guidance of Coach Kim Bierwert… all of my Channel mothers and I got a spot on the timeline!

To be honest, this is very surreal. To be able to continue the legacy was always my end goal. No doubt, there was a bit of self-inflicted pressure being the 6th person going into a swim knowing there is a 100% success rate before me. But we all did it. To know that we are all in the history books, and that nobody or no result can ever replace or take this away from us will always give me the chills.

Start unknown, finish historic. 



How great is this photo of Margaret and Maura!!!!!! The true pioneers!!!! 


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