June 30th=Rest Day

Hello friends!

4 days down 3 to go!!! Logging in about 66.3 miles in the Hudson River thus far!

Tomorrow, June 30th is a rest day, but I will be back on Friday for Stage 5! (I am so excited because one of my favorite people/twin, incredibly decorated marathon swimmer, inspiration, and Smithie 2020, Charlotte Samuels will be swimming too)!

There will be a more comprehensive post on the details of each day when I have time after 8 Bridges, but it has been an incredible and transformative experience thus far. The water, scenery, and sheer distance is incredible and majestic. To think we have such a beautiful and swimmable resource so close to home is mind blowing.

The swimmers/kayakers I have met and the event camaraderie is truly remarkable. So many individuals from so many walks of life. Wow. I am taking it all in and loving every minute.

I am so grateful for this experience, the opportunity to swim, Margrethe, the Hudson River, and my supportive family,friends and sponsors. I see all the messages and try my best to respond to all of them because they truly warm my heart.

Mom, Dad, Cam…I couldn’t do this without you. Love you.



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