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IMG_7123Thank you for checking out my site! My name is Paige Christie and I am a U.S. Marathon Swimmer. I am sponsored by GRRRL Clothing, BRL Sports Nutrition, Knuckleheads Apparel, Vermont Peanut Butter and VOMAX.

In 2015, I was the co-captain of the Smith College Swimming and Diving Team and Smith College 2015 NCAA Woman of the Year. On August 24th 2014,  I successfully completed a solo crossing of the English Channel in 12 hours and 55 minutes. I was one of less than 100 American women to ever accomplish this feat. On July 2nd, 2016 I swam the world’s longest marathon swim, 120 miles of the Hudson River, in an event called 8 Bridges. I was the 6th and youngest person ever to ever accomplish this daunting feat (first in my home state of MA). I have been swimming competitively (USA swimming year round) on a club team called Crimson Aquatics Boston since I was 7 years old (16 years!), was nationally ranked,  and have always thrived on distance events. I have been featured in the Boston Globe, Swimming World Magazine, USA Swimming SwimSwam, the Eagle Tribune, YouTube and various other news outlets.

I am currently a law student and reside in Southern California. I am still active in the marathon swimming world serving as coach and swimmer-support during marathon swims. I’m a Red Cross CPR and Lifeguard Certified Swim Lesson Instructor (from ages 1 yr to adults who want to learn to swim), and coach triathletes and USA competitive swimmers during one-on-one technique training sessions.

Thank you for checking out my blog, and thank you to my family and friends for the love and support!

If you are from the press or interested in a motivational speaking event for your business or function please contact at: paigechristie@me.com

If you would like more information regarding my swimming lessons or coaching,  please email: paigechristie@me.com




2 thoughts on “About and Contact

  1. Patrick says:

    Paige…good luck with your swim I know you will do fine. I am scheduled for a 8/26/15 solo crossing using Masterpiece Charters out of Folkestone as my pilot boat. Again good luck and godspeed !

    • Patrick! Thank you for your support! I will warm up the channel waters the best I can for you! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR SWIM!!!!! Let me know if you have any questions as your time approaches! The help of channel swimmers before me really made a difference!

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